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Introducing the FREE Cheltenham 7s Ambassador Programme – Need a little extra beer money, want to help out with a charity or get covered for your team’s travel and stash? Then check out the info below.

Benefits of the C7s Programme

Earn for Yourself:

Seize the opportunity to earn substantial commissions for every ticket you sell. The more you promote, the greater your rewards, payouts are instant .

Earn for your team:

Channel your inner leader by generating revenue for your team. With each ticket sold, you’re directly contributing to the costs of kit, travel and of course beer money .

Strengthen Your Club or charity of your choice:

Elevate your club’s standing in the rugby community by maximising ticket sales. The funds you generate will provide invaluable support for your club’s future endeavours.

Are you ready to take centre stage and be a driving force behind the exhilarating Cheltenham 7s Festival in 2024? Become an ambassador and unlock a world of opportunities to not only shape your own experience but also reap incredible rewards for yourself, team or club.

As an ambassador, you’re in control. Seamlessly navigate through the festival, harnessing the power to curate an experience uniquely yours. From exclusive perks to lucrative commissions, this is your chance to amplify the excitement and make the 2024 party an event to remember.

Seize this opportunity to make a significant impact, both financially and experientially. Join the Cheltenham 7s Ambassador Programme for FREE  and let’s make the 2024 festival an extraordinary celebration for all!

Get started today and be the driving force behind an unforgettable Cheltenham 7s Festival experience.

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Cheltenham 7s Ambassador Programme