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Cheltenham 7s 2021


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Ruggette RFC Additional Prizes on offer – Women’s Elite 7’s & Social 7’s

Cheltenham 7’s are pleased to offer the following www.ruggetterfc.com women’s rugby apparel gift vouchers that can be used to secure great women’s rugby gear from their brilliantly designed and built  women’s rugby shorts to their complete women’s specific rugby range. Designed with you in mind.

£25 Voucher + Free Postage to spend at www.ruggetterfc.com for each of the Elite tournament winning team players up to a maximum of 15 players/participants.

£50 Voucher + Free Postage to spend at www.ruggetterfc.com for the player of the Elite tournament if in the winning team then will be £75 in total.

£25 Voucher + Free Postage to spend at www.ruggetterfc.com for each of the Social tournament winning team players up to a maximum of 15 players/participants

£50 Voucher + Free Postage to spend at www.ruggetterfc.com for the player of the Social tournament if in the winning team then will be £75 in total.

The awards are made by the Cheltenham 7 organizers whose decision is final.

The winners agree to provide their email and mobile number for the SOLE purpose of being able to deliver their prize voucher and details. The winners will NOT be required to opt into marketing, beyond agreeing that Ruggette RFC can announce the winners.

We are free to announce the winners on all our existing social media channels, which includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our web sites

To claim the prizes Cheltenham festival organizers will confirm the winners team details, the named player details, and their email addresses to Ruggette RFC within 7 days of the event completing. The decision of the organizers is final.

Ruggette RFC will contact the winners directly, on receipt of their email addresses within 7 days of receiving and confirm the gift voucher code to be used on the site, to receive their prize.

Terms and conditions

The nominated winners is at the sole discretion of the event organizers and is final

The gift voucher is not convertible to cash and can only be used to purchase goods from www.ruggetterfc.com there are no exclusions on items.

If a winner only uses partial amount of their prize, we will offer them a free postage code for a future purchase.

The voucher can be used as part payment if the winner decides to spend more than their prize voucher value.

If the item is returned for any reason we will keep the voucher valid for an alternative purchase

The winner can give their voucher face value to the Ruggette RFC 1887 foundation and the funds go to grass roots women’s rugby development. The winner simply needs to email coach@ruggetterfc.com and to confirm same

The winner voucher must be used by 31.10.21 if we do not hear from any winners by this date we will donate their prize value to the 1887 foundation

Any team wear, bulk purchase or genera enquiries to coach@ruggetterfc.com

About www.ruggetterfc.com

Founded in 2018, Ruggette RFC was created with the intention to provide female rugby athletes with apparel made specifically for them, but also to help prove that women’s rugby, and female sport in general, is not a hobby or a secondary interest, but a viable industry in and of itself, and deserving of support and investment. 

The Why Behind the Try:

The Idea

It shouldn’t be hard to find apparel and equipment for the modern female rugby athlete; after all, women’s rugby is among the fastest growing sports for girls and women worldwide. It resonates in a deep and meaningful way with millions of female athletes, from all backgrounds and walks of life. So where’s our kit at? Be it on the pitch, in the gym, or in everyday life, Ruggettes should have options that are made specifically for them, as female athletes. We couldn’t find what we wanted on the market- and trust us, we searched. It wasn’t out there…so we made it ourselves.

The Realness

Straight up? We’re sick of buying women’s rugby athletic apparel -and women’s apparel in general- that values appearance over performance. Why can’t it be both? Sure, we want to look good, but we also train, hit, and play hard. That’s why our women’s rugby apparel is tried and tested by lady ruggers of all shapes and sizes.

The Final Score

We’re starting small- real small- but we’ve got us some big dreams. We’re not a fancy corporation, just a little gang of ruggers with some ideas, led by a lady prop (Stef Evans – plays for Worcester Warriors)  who got sick of not being able to find the stuff she wants, or needs, to buy. Making stuff is expeeensive, though, so we gotta grow the old fashioned way- slowly, bit by bit, with some good old fashioned work. But we know where we are going with this, and we can’t wait to share it with you. We’re playing the long game here- a full 80, if you will- it would be awesome if you were on our team for it. 

We’re here to celebrate women playing the sport, you may have noticed the year 1887 referenced in some of our designs, here’s why:

It’s most likely the first time a woman played rugby- at least, it’s the first time we have a formal record of it. In the early days of female sport, women playing contact sports was seen socially as disrespectful, and sometimes incited a violent response from the public, as it did in 1881, when a number of women’s football matches in Scotland and England were abandoned due to riots. Some of those games did get played, however, and while most of them were played under football rules, there was one match that may have played an early version of rugby, though it’s unconfirmed. Truthfully, there could have been several exhibition matches of early women’s rugby played in the 19th century that no record exists of, either through lack of press reporting, or due to some level of intentional secrecy in order to avoid riots at the games, as there were in ’81. However, at Portora Royal School in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, Emily Valentine’s older brothers founded their schools rugby team in 1884. Three years later, when the team found themselves one man short in a game, 10-year-old Emily took off her hat and coat, subbed in at wing, scored a try, and made history. Thank you, Emily. We hope we’ve done you proud.